Witches - How to recognise and how to protect yourself from her spell. Part 2

In Russia often face
witches and sorcerers (the
long gone and men) in
temples – the big Church
Not all believers know what
dark things are happening in
the churches in
the time of service.
Someone wondered: "But how
so? Why
in the temples? ".
Energy! They need to power.
In the temple
they are the easiest to obtain.
How to recognize dishonest
people in
• When witches are in the
on his knees, trying in this
position to cross the back
• Witch cross very quickly
the left hand that is doing
baptize first the stomach, then
shoulder, right and forehead.
• Out of the temples back and
how would
walking backwards. This is due
to the fact that
the spinal cord is a lot
nerve endings, rays with icons
the altar much the harness
back to the witches and
• In the Church you can get
around against
clockwise and poke you
hand, then come back and
suck out you energy. If such
happened immediately, not
hesitate, hit the witch or
the sorcerer left hand to
went back. The second time
or a sorcerer to do anything
with you
such will not be.
• Please note, if you lit
the candle become a place in
Church, and the candle
suddenly burned in. Not
care to look under
feet. There may be a needle.
The usual corruption in order
to feed
your own.
• Do not allow strangers
rearrange your candle, see
that she had burned down to
the end.
Ensure that your candle is not
put out to not put
another candle and stuck your
a burning candle in a
candlestick. After all
this way you induce damage
and Rob you.
• Many beginners do not know
put the lit candle. To this
the person will try
to approach the witch or
sorcerer with
Council. A man says: "Put
a candle and get out of the
Church backwards".
If a person is about to do
will bring upon myself a spell.
• And this is the situation. You
hand a lighted candle, and you
request to light his
candle from yours. It is better
to politely
to refuse, even light his candle
from candles standing on
the candle holder.
• If it is a man or woman with
a burning candle and the
candle keeps not
vertically and horizontally is
they induce damage.
Don't believe? Go to the
temple to
a big feast and watch.
But not only in churches
to meet the witches. We all
know about
the "evil eye" Gypsy. Below
to protect yourself from them,
silently pass by and in no
case not to look them in the
eye. So
Gypsy will be much harder
to do you something bad.
Please refrain from picking up
the little things
on the street — it most often,
warts disease and spoilage.
touch the discarded crutches,
canes, gloves and other
lost items.
If you suspect that
talking to a person
bad who can say
or to wish bad will poderias in
point of communication for
Caution should be taken
and the food, which you are
treat. With the help of food
beverages induce disease on
man is not
Cautiously take as a gift
things made of wool.

Создан 16 фев 2017

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