Christine Feehan. "Dark lust"

The stranger silently called her
with another
continent across the ocean.
He whispered of eternal
torment, of endless hunger...
of dark,
dangerous lust. And it so
happened that
American surgeon Shea O
could feel his pain, his
loneliness, all inside her belly
the desire to cure it, to heal.
Arriving in
far Carpathian mountains, she
devastated, wounded man,
not like any other. And her
soul trembled.
In his burning eyes, his icy
the heart she learns beloved
the stranger, who has long
been a part of
herself. This imperious
a man forcing Shea to stay
with him. But
who it will be for him — his
or his prey? His sacrifice... or
wife? What he is pushing: to
the madness?
... or, filling her with his dark
desire, help you to find

Создан 24 фев 2017

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